Solar Panels – Life Span, Degradation Rate, and Maintenance

How long do solar panels last – Life Span, Degradation Rate, and Maintenance

Switching to solar is not something new in the US. People are actually aware and concerned about issues like global warming, greenhouse gases, pollution, etc. So, a noticeable shift has already started towards sustainability. More and more people are installing solar panels. Solar energy is gradually replacing conventional forms of energy. The government is also taking responsible actions like offering rebates, incentives, etc., to encourage people to make the switch.

However, homeowners are also concerned about the lifespan of these solar panels. The cost of setting up a solar setup can be a tad bit high.

Hence, the average lifespan of solar panels does matter to the homeowners. “Is solar worth it in Las Vegas?” or “Is solar worth it in Arizona 2022?” are the questions that often discourage people from buying solar panels.

Solar Panel Degradation

It is true that solar panels degrade over time. Degradation takes place because of extreme alterations in the climate – scorching heat, heavy rainfall, chilly winter, etc. It is, therefore, necessary to buy solar panels with a low degradation rate from reputed solar manufacturers.

Factors Which Affect Lifespan of Solar Panels

As said earlier, weather plays a significant role in determining the degradation rate of a solar panel. Besides, installation issues can also make things worse. Make sure the solar companies connect and install the panels with utmost care and vigilance. You must, therefore, always hire a trusted installer for solar panel installation.

Safeguard Your Solar Panels

If you get your solar panels from a renowned manufacturer, the setup lasts about three long decades. The panels do not need any kind of movement. So, there is minimal risk of wear and tear. Make sure you connect with a reliable solar installation company. Do not forget to check the customer reviews on their website or app. Also, ask them to conduct a routine check for the solar panels. They are professionals and can take care of issues like microcracks, loose racking, exposed wiring, and so on. Cleaning and inspection of solar panels once a year can ensure their durability.

Wrapping Up

Is solar worth it in Florida 2022? Yes, absolutely! If you are in Florida and looking for a trustworthy solar installation company, get in touch with Bright Light Savings USA. It is a premium connection point where homeowners meet reliable solar companies. Bright Light Savings USA ensures that you get a top-grade solar setup with a low degradation rate.

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