Solar in Utah

Known for its beauty, Utah receives sunshine all year round. According to a report by the Bureau of Land Management, there are 17 energy zones across the United States. Utah makes up 3 of those energy zones, making it a hotspot for solar energy. Sunshine year round makes the installation of residential solar systems in Utah favorable.

residential solar in Utah

Conserve The Beauty of Utah with Residential Solar

Utah is a state covered with great natural landscapes and beautiful flora that need to be conserved. With national parks such as Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Arches, all famous for their greenery and diverse animal life, it is incumbent that residents of Utah take all measures necessary to preserve this beautiful state.

The use of fossil fuels and other exhaustible sources of energy is polluting the environment by contaminating the air and soil. The increase in pollution could lead to the extinction of many endangered animal species that call Utah home.

Keeping in mind the importance of conservation and risk reduction, Utah state legislators have come up with various policies and regulations, such as the Utah State Solar Tax Credit.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Utah?

Still wondering if solar is an economical alternative or not? We can help! The average cost of solar panels in Utah is way less than the average cost of traditional electrical energy. Non-renewable sources of energy will get exhausted one day, which will lead to scarcity and spikes in the cost of electricity.

Utah now offers incentives through the Utah solar incentives and tax credit policies, making the switch to home solar programs more convenient and affordable than ever before. If you are worried or curious about the cost of the solar installation in Utah, we have a solution! As one of the best solar companies in Utah, Bright Light Savings USA offers residential solar programs at an economical price.

How Much Energy is Received from Solar Panels?

The idea that the energy output of solar panels is less than that of traditional electricity is not true. The energy output from solar panels depends on the amount of sunlight they get exposed to, as well as the power output of the home solar program in Utah you choose. Good News! Utah is in the top 10 states that receive the most sunlight year round!

Which Solar Panels are Best for You?

Choosing the right solar panels for your home can be a tedious task. The technicalities and the installation process can be strenuous. Bright Light Savings USA, one of the best solar companies in Utah, offers customized solar panel plans specific to your requirements and will help with the installation process. Customizable aesthetic, racking systems, and batteries chosen by you will help you understand what you will get out of solar.


The year round sunshine and geographical location make it favorable for solar panels in Utah. Low average cost of residential solar paired with the solar incentives offered by Utah state lawmakers make it easy and convenient for residents to switch to a renewable source of energy. Utah is a prime location for solar and it’s your time to help save the beauty!