Is solar worth it in Delaware: Things you should know

Delaware is a small state in the US with not-so-sunny weather. However, when we compare the state to others, Delaware is 8% more cost-effective in terms of solar power harnessing. The rate of electricity is quite high, and hence people are increasingly switching to residential solar in Delaware. Also, Delaware solar panel law 2022 is straightforward, which keeps the local people motivated to embrace clean and green energy- solar energy.

Are you planning to go solar in Delaware? If yes, then make sure you know about solar panels cost in Delaware and the incentives available. Such offers will help you make the most out of your investment. We are here to guide you in your journey as you make a switch from conventional to renewable energy sources.

is residential solar worth it in delaware

Delaware solar incentives 2022 makes solar worth

  1. Delaware net metering:

    More often than not, you will end up producing more solar energy than you actually consume. But worry not, as the net metering policy enables you to send back the extra solar energy to the grid so that others can use it. Under the net metering system, you will enjoy free credits on your energy bills equivalent to the extra solar power that you have produced.


  1. Delmarva Power and light:

    If you are a customer of Delmarva Power, then you can get a cash rebate from the utility, which will further reduce the expenses of solar installation in Delaware. For every watt of solar power you generate, you will be getting an amount worth $0.70, and the amount can go up to $6,000.


  1. Delaware municipal electrical corporation:

    If you can qualify under the DEMEC program, then you will be entitled to a cash rebate on parts of your solar installation expenditures.


  1. Delaware electric cooperative:

    Under this rebate, the ratepayers can receive $0.50 per watt of solar energy and an extra $0.20 for any additional solar set up. The amount of rebate varies as per your location. Hence get all the details before you proceed further.


  1. Delaware solar tax credit 2022:

    Because of the federal solar incentive, you can actually reduce your solar installation expenses up to 26% by making your payment in cash or by opting for a solar loan.

Thus, you can see that opting for solar power in Delaware can indeed be a beneficial option. You will save on your bills and also increase your home value.

How to connect with the best solar companies in Delaware?

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