Solar in Maryland – Switching to solar power has never been so easy before!

Maryland is indeed an ideal place where switching to solar power can incredibly be beneficial. A growing inclination has been noticed among the homeowners as they are showing a positive shift towards residential solar in Maryland. Solar power tax benefits, impressive RPS, robust net metering, affordable solar panels cost in Maryland, and many other factors help make this place the perfect choice for harnessing solar energy.

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Maryland solar incentives 2022:

Solar incentives are one of the leading driving forces which encourage homeowners to make an environment-friendly decision by switching to solar power. Following are the various attractive incentives that you should know about if you are considering the installation of solar in Maryland:

  • Solar renewable energy certificates:

    The aim of this program was to produce at least 2.5% of entire state electricity through solar resources. So in order to assure the success of this program, solar panels setup owners are granted one Maryland SREC for every megawatt-hour they produce. These SRECs then can be sold in the market.


  • Residential clean energy grant program:

    When you install residential solar in Maryland, you actually get paid $1000. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your solar setup should be smaller than 20 kilowatts and should be installed at your primary residences. Also, make sure you get the NABCEP certification for your solar setting.


  • Maryland solar power tax benefits:

    When you switch to home solar in Maryland, the government also gives you a few tax exemptions, such as property tax exemption and sales and use tax exemption. Because of property tax exemption, you will no longer have to pay property tax even when your home value increases. Also, the sales tax exemption provides tax-free purchase of new solar set up at your place.


  • The federal solar tax credit:

    You simply cannot ignore this lucrative solar incentive! Investment Tax Credit brings down the cost of your solar PV by almost 26%. To avail of the offer, you need to either make the full payment in cash or opt for a solar loan.


  • Net metering:

    Whenever you produce excess solar power, the extra amount of solar energy goes back to the power grid for further distribution. And you get credit on your energy bills equivalent to the amount of extra power you produce.

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