Solar in New Mexico- Land of Enchantment going solar gradually

New Mexico, or the Land of Enchantment, is a perfect place to harness solar energy -thanks to the suitable weather conditions and all-year-round shining sun over the head. This place has plentiful natural beauties such as clear lakes, lush green thickets, and rugged mountain ranges.

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What benefits has solar energy brought to New Mexico?

  • Energy-saving and absolute independence: People are glad that because of solar in New Mexico, they can generate their own power without having to rely completely on the local utility. Every watt of solar energy generated is highly cost-effective as compared to local utilities. Battery storage also helps in times when they are unable to produce enough energy.


  • A proliferating industry: Over the last five years, more and more employees have become a part of the solar energy industry. As per the New Mexico Solar Jobs Census, over 1899 employees were a part of the solar industry in the year 2015, and the number has been growing significantly over all these years.


  • Increased level of reliability: New Mexico receives clear sunshine for over 300 days every year. The weather remains clear and offers ample chances to harness solar energy conveniently.


  • Effective grid: Because of solar energy harnessing and increasing reliance on home solar panels in New Mexico, people are experiencing better, efficient, flexible, and resilient power distribution systems. Since multiple sources contribute to the power grid, there are lesser chances of power failure, blackout, and so on.


  • Clean and green energy and water conservation: Solar power has significantly brought down the consumption of water for purposes like pumping out crude oil from the ground, cooling down power plants, and so on.


  • Accessibility and incentives: There are so many attractive incentives and reduced costs of solar panels in New Mexico. These encourage people to take the leap from exhaustible to renewable sources of energy.

Let us learn about these incentives in case you are planning to switch!

New Mexico Solar Incentives 2022!

  • Property tax exemption:

    This incentive exempts homeowners from paying property taxes on the increased value of their property owing to the setup of solar panels.

  • Net metering:

    Whenever you produce more solar power than you actually need to consume, the extra amount goes straight to the grid. And in return, you will enjoy free credits on your utility bill.

  • New Mexico State Solar Tax Credit:

    Under this program, homeowners with residential solar in New Mexico enjoy a reduction in state tax payments (up to $6000 or 10% of solar set up expenditure).

These are the major incentives offered by the New Mexico government. There are some other lucrative programs as well, such as the federal solar tax credit, sustainable building tax credit, and El Paso electric renewable energy certificate purchase program.

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