Is it worth switching to solar power in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin, or the Dairyland of America, is also popular for its increasing inclination towards solar power. The majority of Wisconsin homes, electric utilities and institutions are run by using solar energy. It is a highly sustainable and beneficial form of energy that brings down your energy bills as well as proves to be environment-friendly. People are increasingly focusing on the installation of residential solar in Wisconsin, owing to its multiple benefits. Besides, the homeowners enjoy additional incentives which serve as the cherry on the cake.

Are Solar panels worth it in Wisconsin

Is Solar worth it in Wisconsin?

Are you in a dilemma whether or not solar power will be beneficial for your property in Wisconsin? Then know that Wisconsin is pretty well-known for average peak sun hours. This geographical region receives ample sunlight and experiences suitable weather conditions. Also, as per the latest solar laws in Wisconsin, homeowners receive some of the best solar programs and incentives. Besides, the solar panels cost in Wisconsin is quite feasible and competitive. Thus, investing in solar power in Wisconsin can indeed be a smart move for you.

Factors that affect solar energy production in Wisconsin

  • The power output of your solar equipment
  • Panel orientation
  • Shading
  • Panel angle
  • The geographic location of the property
  • Weather condition

Wisconsin solar incentives 2022:

  • Focus on Energy renewable rewards: Installation of residential solar panels in Wisconsin may reward you with the eligibility of a rebate from Focus on Energy. Irrespective of the expenses and size of your solar equipment setup, you will get an impressive rebate which will further lower your solar installation expenses.


  • Solar access rights: You will be granted the Wisconsin solar access rights. This ensures that when you install home solar in Wisconsin, none of your neighbors or homeowner’s association members can obstruct your access to solar energy in Wisconsin.


  • Solar tax incentives: This incentive ensures that all the extra amount of solar energy that you generate and do not use will go back to the grid. And in return, you will get credits on your utility bill. These credits are indeed beneficial for all solar energy consumers.


  • The federal solar tax credit: This tax credit enables users to cut down on their expenses of PV solar energy system almost by 26%. The ITC or Investment Tax Credit is applicable to consumers who either use cash or solar loan to install residential solar in Wisconsin.


Where to get the best solar installer in Wisconsin?

Now that you know about all the benefits of having residential solar in Wisconsin, you must be eager to get solar panels for your home as well. However, the biggest issue is to find the best solar installing company which offers flawless service at the best possible rates. Worry not, as Bright Light Savings USA has got you covered!

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