10 Leading States who are Spearheading the Solar Industry in the USA

The USA has always been an inspiration for other nations, given that it is one of the biggest consumers of solar energy. Over the past few decades, the number of residential solar panel installations has increased by leaps and bounds in the US. According to the report of 2018, the total number of staff employed in the US solar industry is a whopping 242,000. The industry contributes billions of dollars to the economy of the nation.

top 10 best residential solar power states in the USA solar industry

These are the top 10 states which have shown exponential growth in terms of solar power reliance. These are the top 10 states which have led the nation by example and have created a remarkable impact on the industry.


  1. California: More than six million California homes have been powered with solar energy. Over the next five years, this state is going to witness the biggest ever growth in terms of consumption of solar energy. Installation of residential solar panels in California leads to the enhanced value of the properties, and hence, homeowners show deeper interest in the same.


  1. North Carolina: About 5.5% of the entire North Carolina’s energy is derived from solar power panels. Homeowners show a major inclination towards the installation of residential solar in North Carolina.


  1. South Carolina: The extreme heat in South Carolina makes it an ideal state to reap the benefits of solar power. Because of the bright sunshine round-the-year and lucrative incentives, there has been an exponential increase in the installation of residential solar panels in South Carolina.


  1. Arizona: According to the reports of SEIA, Arizona is going to acquire the seventh position in the entire USA over the next five years in terms of production of solar power. Homeowners who have installed residential solar panels in Arizona enjoy many incentives. Those who have leased their property for solar panel installation are exempt from paying taxes to the state.


  1. Nevada: The scorching heat and desert climate in Nevada makes it a favorable spot for harnessing solar power. Nevada offers many incentives to the homeowners so that they can increase their property value by installing residential solar panels in Nevada.


  1. Texas: If you stay in Texas, feel proud that it is the third fastest-growing state in the USA which contributes to enhanced solar power production. In the upcoming years, because of residential solar installation in Texas, the place is expected to show some phenomenal growth in this sector.


  1. New Jersey: New Jersey is still struggling with its heavy reliance on nuclear energy. Yet, it is giving a tough fight and trying to adhere to its clean energy goals. Homeowners emphasize the installation of residential solar panels in New Jersey because of the many attractive incentives made available to them.


  1. Colorado: Colorado produces about 1536.15 MW of solar power- thanks to all the responsible and aware homeowners who contributed to increased residential solar panel installation in Colorado in all these years.


  1. Florida: Florida is also known as the “Sunshine State” and hence aptly relies on solar energy for its clean power requirements. Because of a drastic reduction in the cost of photovoltaic cells as well as feasible installation charges for residential solar panels in Florida, homeowners are showing an improved inclination towards solar energy.


  1. Utah: Utah has been the underdog among all these states. But the year 2019 witnessed significant growth in the number of residential solar panels in Utah. The output has been overwhelming since then.


If you are a homeowner in any of these states, then now is the ideal time for the installation of residential solar panels. Solar panel installation leads to an increased value of your property. Besides, there will be multiple incentives that you can enjoy. Now, if you are confused as to where to get solar panels at a cost-effective price range, know that Bright Light Savings USA is your ideal destination. We head our clients to solar programs and have partnered with experienced solar installers in your area.

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